How to offer exceptional logistics services?

Offering high quality logistics services is the first step to attract freight forwarders interested in partnering with your company. And since the logistics market is mostly b2b, having a long list of partners can increase a lot your business opportunities.

If you are wondering what aspects you should work on to attract more partners, this post if for you! Below, we have listed the main attributes a freight forwarder should have in order to offer good logistics services and, therefore, have more partners. Check it out!

Have the right infrastructure

One of the first things a freight forwarder considers when looking for a logistics partner is the infrastructure provided by each option considered. Having a good infrastructure means you are more equipped to handle logistics operations of any kind, therefore, it is really important to invest in the quality of your company’s facilities!

Count on the right team of professionals

It does no good to have good infrastructure if you can’t rely on a good team of professionals. Each logistics operations requires special handling and processes, and only by offering a staff with the appropriate expertise will you be able to offer outstanding logistics services.

Offer integrated logistics services

If you work in the logistics market, you probably know how time is a precious thing in this segment. Logistics professionals can’t wait for too long, they always want to get their cargo shipped and delivered as soon as possible.

Therefore, freight forwarders tend to choose partners that offer integrated logistics services, so they can have their entire operation handled by a single company – which makes the process faster and more effective. For this reason, offering integrated logistics solutions is a must!

Have a global business perspective

Having a global perspective can be an incredible differential for your company to attract more partners. Even if you only specialize in a specific market, it’s important to be known by forwarders worldwide. This way, whenever an international forwarder asks for suggestions of companies in your area, professionals in other countries have more chances of knowing and recommending your company to them.

A good way to do this is networking as much as you can, whether it’s by attending logistics fairs or joining specialized networks, such as Twig Logistics Network.

Provide flawless customer service

The quality of your company’s customer service is as important as the quality of the services you provide. If a forwarder comes to you and get excellent treatment, they will more likely come back in the future and recommend you to other people in need of a partner in your area.

However, if your company takes too long to answer quotes or provide any assistance needed during an ongoing logistics operation, you will certainly not cause a good impression. And in this segment, first impressions really count!

Invest in technology

There are currently several tools to improve and optimize logistics processes. Offering these tools shows that your company is up to date with the market trends, which can definitely put you ahead of the competition. For this reason, make sure you offer intelligent and modern logistics systems, allowing your partners to do things like monitor inventories or track their cargo on real-time. Don’t stay behind, technology is everything!

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